Going on Vacation?

Remember when leaving for prolonged periods of time to secure your unit by making certain that all windows and doors are closed and locked and please furnish a key to a friend, relative or neighbor. You should also make arrangements to have your unit checked periodically during your absence to avoid unnecessary problems and/or expense.

We also encourage you to furnish your contact information to Premier in case an emergency should arise during your absence.

Please Remember

    • Garbage – Garbage pickup is Friday morning therefore garbage should not be placed out until Thursday evening. Please no loose garbage – it should be placed in a garbage bag and tied closed.
      • If your pickup day (Friday) falls on or after a holiday during the business week, services will be pushed back one day (Saturday).  In this situation, do not put garbage out until Friday evenings. Green For Life Holiday Pickup Schedule 
        • New Year’s Week
        • Memorial Week
        • Fourth of July Week
        • Labor Day Week
        • Thanksgiving Week
        • Christmas Week
      • For more information on garbage pickup and obtaining a recycling bin, check with the City of Rochester or contact Green for Life at 844-GO-GFLUSA and arrange for delivery directly to your property.
      • FYI: officially recyclables must be in a bin.  If you leave boxes or even items in a clear plastic bag… if garbage pickup occurs before recycling pickup, its getting tossed in the trash and not recycled.  USE A RECYCLING BIN.
      • Household Hazardous Waste
        • Free for Rochester residents (voucher no longer required)
        • 248-858-5656
        • 2019 Dates – 8am to 2pm for all dates and locations below
          • Saturday, April 13th – Oxford Middle School
          • Saturday, June 22nd – Oakland University
          • Saturday, July 20th – Oakland Community Service Center Campus
          • Saturday, September 7th – Oakland Community College, Highland Lakes Campus
          • Saturday, October 12th – Oakland Community Service Center Campus
    • For Sale Signs – Please only ONE for sales sign per unit. The sign should be placed in your window and NOT affixed to the outside of the building. (This includes metal railings.)
    • BBQ Grills – Grills should NOT be in use while on patios or balconies. It is against the City of Rochester’s Fire Code as well as the association bylaws. They may only be stored in your garage, or a patio where they can be removed for use.  Do not store grills on balconies, fenced in patios, nor under balconies.
    • Pets – Only one dog or cat per home
      • Bylaws require that no animal be permitted to run loose and must be leashed and attended to.
      • City of Rochester requires pets to be vaccinated against rabies and licensed with the city
      • City of Rochester and the Bylaws both require pet owners to keep all lawns free of animal waste.
    • Building Permits
      • Rochester requires permits for Furnace Replacement, Water Heater Replacement, and all Electrical Work.
      • Modifications to the building structure must be requested in writing through the Work Order Modification form.
    • Renting and Leasing
      • Rochester requires Rental Units to be Registered
      • Bylaws requires a copy of lease on file with the Association/Management Company
      • Bylaws prohibit leasing and renting for periods of less than 6 months
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