Paint Codes – for incidental repairs not covered by the association

  • Buildings and Garage Doors: Sherwin-Williams A-100 Exterior Acrylic Latex Paint – Custom: RN 65362 Light Beige Match (Satin, Extra White). (this may have been for a 5 gallon, so have Sherwin Williams double check). But keep in mind, the buildings and garages were last fully painted in 2015 so their colors have faded and will no longer match a fresh coat.
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Y3Deep Gold4511
Buildings and Garage Doors

  • Front Doors: Sherwin-Williams A-100 Exterior Acrylic Latex Paint – SW 7068 – Grizzle Gray (Deep Base, Satin). This was for a gallon.
CCEcolor castoz3264128
Y3Deep Gold56
Front Door

Community Painting Project

Officially the building painting project was scheduled to be completed in 2017, but was successfully completed ahead of schedule in 2015 (at a savings of approx $20k).

The lamp posts and front doors were also painted in 2016.  (The Gazebo was redone under warranty in 2016).  We will update the map when the painting cycle begins again.  Currently shows when each building was repainted (though the Garage Doors may not have been painted the same year).

Building Painting Schedule
Building Painting Schedule
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